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The complete list of archived articles in the Features category of AECbytes is listed here in reverse chronological order (most recent first), grouped under the year they were published:



  • Newforma's Expanded Cloud and Mobile Offerings

  • Graphisoft's New BIMcloud

  • AEC Exhibitor Highlights from Autodesk University 2013

  • Autodesk's Rebranded A360 Cloud Solution

  • Putting Point Clouds to Work: Then, Now, & Later

  • The "Internet of Things" in AEC

  • Toward an Architecture of Performance: Reconciling Performance and Design

  • Extending BIM to Infrastructure

  • Little Case Study - One Firm's Migration to the Cloud

  • Future City Competition


  • Bentley ProjectWise and Autodesk Vault Collaboration AEC: AECbytes Survey Results

  • AEC Project Presentations from Bentley's "Be Inspired" Awards

  • AEC Project Presentations from the 2013 Be Inspired Awards

  • Say "NO!" to Hollywood BIM: An Advanced Integration of the BIM Process at a Builder

  • Measuring BIM's Disruption: Understanding Value Networks of BIM/VDC

  • vPlanner: Visual Planning to Facilitate Building Construction

  • VDC in the Cloud – Journey to LEAN Construction

  • Lean Construction: Discrete-Event Simulation for MEP Renovation


  • AEC Exhibitor Highlights from Autodesk University 2012

  • Getting into BIM in Kuwait

  • Around the World with BIM

  • HOK's 2nd Annual BIM Awards

  • A Quick Look at Four Books on BIM

  • A Case Study of BIM Implementation in India

  • Exploring the National BIM Standard

  • AEC Collaboration Hub

  • SmartGeometry 2012 Conference

  • AEC Technology Updates, Spring 2012


  • iPad Apps for AEC: Design and Visualization

  • BIM for Facilities Management

  • Inaugural Revit Technology Conference 2011 in the US

  • Autodesk AEC Technology Day 2011

  • BIM and the Cloud, Part 2: The Economics of Private Cloud Computing

  • AEC Exhibitor Highlights from Autodesk University 2011

  • Industry-Wide National BIM Standard: A Progress Report

  • iPad Apps for AEC: Project Management and Construction

  • Exhibitors at Revit Technology Conference 2011

  • STRATUS: A Private Cloud Server Technology for Revit

  • AGC's Winter 2011 BIMForum, Part 2

  • AGC's Winter 2011 BIMForum, Part 1


  • Revit Technology Conference 2010

  • BIM and the Cloud

  • AEC Exhibitor Highlights from Autodesk University 2010

  • Greener Buildings Through Energy Analysis Tools

  • Revit's New Server and Conceptual Energy Analysis Capabilities

  • Trelligence Affinity: Extending BIM to Space Programming and Planning

  • New Technology Solutions Exhibited at AIA 2010 Expo

  • Autodesk AEC Technology Day

  • AEC Exhibitor Highlights from Autodesk University 2009


  • BIM Technology Adoption and Implementation at MAAP

  • Sustainable Design Tools Exhibited at AIA 2009

  • Financial and Business Management Applications Exhibited at AIA 2009

  • SmartGeometry 2009 Conference Day

  • Collaboration, Project Management, and Project Information Management Solutions in AEC

  • Selected AEC Projects Presented at Bentley's "Be Inspired" Event

  • Model Based Estimating to Inform Target Value Design

  • Incorporating Innovative and Immersive Technologies: Changing the Art of Design

  • Sutter Medical Center Castro Valley: Case Study of an IPD Project

  • Bluethink House Designer: Automating the Re-use of Design Knowledge


  • Technology Adoption and Implementation at HOK

  • Organizing the Development of a Building Information Model

  • Interoperability and Sustainable Design

  • BIM and the Process Improvement Movement: Building a Case for a Combined BIM-CMMI Framework

  • AEC Exhibitor Highlights from Autodesk University 2008

  • atomicBIM: Splitting Data to Unleash BIM's Power

  • Autodesk and Bentley's Unprecedented Interoperability Agreement

  • Proto-Building: To BIM is to Build

  • SITEOPS: Applying Optimization Technology to Site Design

  • A Closer Look at Autodesk Labs


  • Managing Submittals at LMN Architects: Before Newforma Project Center and After

  • An Introduction to Ecotect

  • Top Criteria for BIM Solutions: AECbytes Survey Results

  • BIM Fundamentals Seminar for Structural Engineers

  • 2007 Third Annual BIM Awards, Part 2

  • 2007 Third Annual BIM Awards, Part 1

  • AEC Technology Strategies 2007 Conference

  • Supporting Technologies for BIM Exhibited at AIA 2007

  • Bentley's "BIM for Green Buildings" Executive Summit

  • Exploring Second Life and its Potential in Real Life AEC

  • Autodesk FMDesktop: Extending BIM to Facilities Management


  • AIA 2006 National Convention and Expo

  • BE Conference 2006: Bentley's Annual User Event

  • Exhibit Hall Highlights from Autodesk University 2006

  • AIA CBSP Symposium on BIM for Building Envelope Design and Performance

  • The AGC's BIM Initiatives and the Contractor's Guide to BIM

  • Building Owners Driving BIM: The "Letterman Digital Arts Center" Story

  • 2006 2nd Annual BIM Awards, Part 2

  • 2006 2nd Annual BIM Awards, Part 1

  • AIA Integrated Practice 2006 Conference

  • Use of BIM by Facility Owners: An "Expotitions" Meeting

  • Right Thinking About BIM and The National BIM Standards Committee

  • Visual Estimating: Extending BIM to Construction

  • BIM Symposium at the University of Minnesota

  • The Executive Forum and Other Sessions at Technology for Construction 2006


  • Multi-Disciplinary BIM at Work at GHAFARI Associates

  • Prefabrication of Timber Buildings based on Digital Models: A Perspective from Norway

  • Additional Highlights from Autodesk University 2005

  • Academic Research in Architectural Computing

  • CORENET e-PlanCheck: Singapore's Automated Code Checking System

  • Hurricanes and their Aftermath: How Can Technology Help?

  • Alabama Council AIA 2005 Annual Convention

  • The CIS/2 Format: Another AEC Interoperability Standard

  • Automated Rule-Based Building Design and Engineering at Robertson Ceco Corporation


  • More Vignettes on India's AEC Industry

  • A Study of India's Construction Giant: The DLF Group

  • The Eureka Tower: A Case Study of Advanced BIM Implementation

  • The IFC Building Model: A Look Under the Hood

  • Technology at Work at Gehry Partners: A Case Study

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