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The complete list of archived articles in the Reviews category of AECbytes is listed here in reverse chronological order (most recent first), grouped under the year they were published:



  • The Ins and Outs of Digital Signing in AEC

  • Capturing Expert Knowledge in Design Coordination to Train Novice Designers

  • Got Macros? Scripting and Coding for BIM

  • Performance Based Design: Why Real-Time Feedback is Better Than Intuition


  • A Level of Development Specification for BIM Processes

  • Labor-Productivity Declines in the Construction Industry: Causes and Remedies (Another Look)


  • 3D Laser Scanning: As-Built Reality Capture for BIM

  • Getting a BIM Rap: Why Implementations Fail, and What You Can Do About It

  • Beyond BIM – Building With Perfect Information

  • Adopting Lean Practices in the Architectural/Engineering Industry


  • The AR LAB: A Vision

  • Debunking the Myths About BIM in the "Cloud"

  • Would You Like Some Chilli Sauce With Your BIM?

  • Message to the Project Management Software Industry: You need to learn ESPERANTO

  • Beyond BIM – It's Not the End of the Road!


  • A Personal View of Newforma as a Process and Information Model Tool

  • BIM from Thirty Thousand Feet

  • Driving Construction Project Success through Neutral, Trust-Based Collaboration

  • Performance Analysis Technology and Radical Design Change for Carbon Neutrality

  • Next Evolution of BIM: Open Collaborative Design Across the Board

  • Collaborating in the New AEC World

  • Notes on the Synthesis of BIM

  • 21 Building Systems: Toward a Rational Taxonomy in Architecture


  • Looking Beyond BIM to Business Information: The role of agcXML in Streamlining Information Exchange

  • Transcending the BIM Hype: How to Make Sense and Dollars from Building Information Modeling

  • The Value of Building Information Modeling: Can We Measure the ROI of BIM?

  • How Project Information Management Sharpens Our Focus on Clients and Designs

  • There is No "I" in IPD!

  • Cracking the USACE BIM Code "Thou Shalt Collaborate…":

  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration Strategies in the Age of BIM


  • Successful IT and Software Adoption in an A/E Firm

  • A Case for Knowledge Management in the A/E Industry

  • BIM: When Will It Enter "The Ours" Zone?

  • Adoption of Green Technologies in the Buildings/Facilities Sector: A Market Perspective

  • Two Steps Forward, No Going Back: How Our Firm is Using Technology to Gain a Strategic Advantage

  • The Digital Design Ecosystem: Toward a Pre-Rational Architecture

  • Digital Transformation of the AEC Industry: An Innovation Perspective

  • Managing BIM Technology in the Building Industry

  • The New "Must Have"—The BIM Manager


  • The Interactive Capability Maturity Model and 2007 AIA TAP BIM Award Winners

  • Parametric Modeling in AutoCAD

  • Enterprise Wiki: An Emerging Technology to be Considered by the AEC Industry


  • Some CURT Remarks

  • Farewell to Overspending

  • Reinventing Collaboration across Internal and External Project Teams

  • Questioning the Role of BIM in Architectural Education: A Counter-Viewpoint

  • Questioning the Role of BIM in Architectural Education

  • Expressive 3D Components for Building Simulation and BIM

  • The Shape of Things to Come

  • The BIM Difference

  • The Ten Bytes of Architecture? Some Thoughts on Architectural Culture in the Age of Simulation

  • Second Annual Collection of Select Reader Feedback


  • BIM and Process Improvement

  • Digital Design and the Age of Building Simulation

  • De-Vendoring AEC Software

  • buildingSMART (get over it)

  • I live in a Google World but I work in a Pre-Google One

  • A Different Approach to Using IFCs to Facilitate Interoperability in the Building Industry

  • Technology Penetration in the AEC Industry: IT Lessons Learned in Other Industries

  • Towards a Materials-Based Building Information Model Building

  • Energy Performance—Going Mainstream


  • Select Reader Feedback: First Anniversary Collection

  • Are We Forgetting Design?

  • The Builder Owner as a Catalyst for Change in the Construction Industry

  • New Challenges, New Opportunities In The Trenches with BIM

  • BIM, Change, and Leadership—A Call to Arms?

  • The Importance of Parametrics in Building Information Modeling

  • Labor Productivity Declines in the Construction Industry: Causes and Remedies

  • Goodbye CAD. Goodbye BIM. Hello PEN

  • Going Further: Process Evolution in the Building Industry

  • A Darwinian Shake-out in the Building Industry

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