Q1 2017 Issue

The Q1 2017 issue of AECbytes Magazine was published in April 2017, and includes the following articles:

  • GRAPHISOFT's BIM 2017 North America User Conference
  • AEC Technology Highlights and Trends: From 2016 to 2017
  • FenestraPro Premium: A Generative Tool for Façade Design in Architecture
  • People Profile: Finith Jernigan

  • Autocase: Cost-Benefit Analysis of Sustainable Design
  • Firm Profile: Louis Berger, Inc.
  • Selected Projects from Bentley's 2016 Be Inspired Awards
  • SITEOPS: Applying Optimization Technology to Site Design (AECbytes Archived Article)
  • The Seven Keys to Best Practices for ArchiCAD (AECbytes Archived Article)


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