Mobile Model and Document Review with BIMx DocsAECbytes Archived Article (December 19, 2013)

This tutorial sheds some light on Graphisoft's new BIMx Docs technology that was recently launched. It is a “Hyper-model” technology that brings the benefits of Building Information Models to the dynamic touch screen environment of mobile devices. Its integrated, context-sensitive, 2D and 3D building project navigation with smooth transitions can help even non-professionals find their way in a BIM project. Because BIMx Hyper-models are model-based, context-sensitive hyperlinks with a specific orientation in the 3D space and on 2D drawings, they add an extra dimension to understanding the model while simply navigating in it.

About the Author

Thomas M. Simmons, the founder of ARCHVISTA, Inc. and LearnVirtual, has spoken at major industry events including AEC Systems, Ecobuild, AIACC Desert Practice Conference, and the AIACC Monterey Design Conference. He has authored several books on Building Information Modeling, ArchiCAD and architectural technology. He was formerly the Director of Technology with the award winning firm of EHDD Architects, San Francisco, and has earned a Masters of Architecture from UC Berkeley. He can be reached at

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