Would You Like Some Chilli Sauce With Your BIM?AECbytes Archived Article (June 28, 2011)

This Viewpoint article by Christopher Pynn and John Hainsworth, who are both Associates in Arup’s Sydney Office and actively involved in its BIM development and implementation, ponders on the question of “What is BIM?” and comes up with some interesting analogies between BIM and cuisine. Along the way, it also discusses Arup’s approach to BIM. It is a refreshingly candid article, and the analogy with food is unique and witty and makes for a great read!

About the Authors

Christopher Pynn is an Associate of Arup’s Sydney office and currently leads the Buildings CAD Development across Australasia. He has been with Arup for over 20 years and looks after the implementation of 3D and BIM across the region. He is an active member of the firm's CAD executive team ensuring that Australasia remains a leader in the world of 3D and Building Information Modelling (BIM).

John Hainsworth is an Associate with Arup based in Sydney, where he is the Virtual Construction Co-ordinator of the Australia BIM Group. As an engineer, he has extensive experience in the design of steel structures, as well as in the management of the production of their associated deliverables for the supply chain. Today, with over 13 years of BIM experience, John is recognised in Australia as a pioneer and proponent of BIM.


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