Infrastructure Design


Allplan Engineering Civil is the ultimate BIM solution for civil engineers and draftsmen designing bridges and civil projects. Concrete structures with complex geometries, can be fully modeled, reinforced and detailed quickly and efficiently. The particular strength of the software lies in the modeling of engineering structures with complex geometry, including pretensioning tendons and reinforcement as required. The construction execution is thus interrogated in advance so that errors and conflicts can be detected and rectified during the planning stage. Common interfaces exist for collaboration with planning partners. Together with SCIA Engineer, an integrated structural design solution is offered.


Allplan Bridge is a powerful solution for parametric modeling of bridges. The software supports all design phases, from concept to final design. Even complex geometries with a high level of detail can be easily created. The parametric 3D model offers an unprecedented level of user friendliness and flexibility, saving significant design time.


Bentley’s OpenBuildings Station Designer is a multidisciplinary station design application with BIM advancements that enable designers to deliver station design projects faster and with greater confidence in their design, workflow, capabilities, and deliverables. The application improves design quality by optimizing the building’s functional space layout and the pedestrian’s path of travel. It also helps to deliver optimized building design by providing multiple design alternatives and information-rich models for design, simulation, analysis, and documentation. It comes with LEGION Simulator, a people movement microscopic simulation application that generates step-by-step movement predictions across multiple “what-if” scenarios, helping station designers to enhance people flow, improve safety, and maximize operational efficiency.