Estimation in Cloud: A Quick and Easy Solution to Create a Detailed Estimate

Estimation in Cloud is the new cloud-based estimation software by TeamSystem that can be managed from any device, allowing you to share estimates and updates in real time with all team members working on the same project. It is aimed at professionals in both the public and private sectors who need simple, intuitive, and secure software.

Estimation in Cloud integrates with the most popular BIM software in the sector thanks to a plug-in that integrates and interfaces directly with ARCHICAD and Revit, putting the platforms in direct communication. An estimate made with Estimation in Cloud can be updated in native format and in real time, directly from within ARCHICAD or Revit.

The software guarantees with absolute certainty the management of data in the cloud, and the automatic recovery of all project information up to the previous 4 weeks.

The platform offers a simple and intuitive interface that reduces learning times, making it quick and easy to create a detailed estimate.

With Estimation in Cloud, you can store all data relating to estimates, projects and whichever price lists you use and call this information up at any time. The result is increased efficiency, the elimination of errors, and the ability to present projects to customers, colleagues, and suppliers, with modern and easy to read visuals.

Already included in Estimation in Cloud, you will find all the Chamber of Commerce, provincial and regional price lists currently used in Italy. With these price lists, you will find not only the individual items that make up a construction project but also prices for all processes and operations involved in executing the work, such as vehicle and equipment hire, excavation, labour, and finishing costs. You can also import Excel files with your own customized price lists into Estimation in Cloud, and to edit these directly on the platform

It is even possible to use the same database as the TeamSystem Construction Project Management software installed in the cloud, giving you a powerful, reliable combination that will simplify your life, carrying your projects around with you and accessing them whenever you like.

With Estimation in Cloud, you can let several people work on the same quote without the need to send many version updates, ensuring higher levels of participation and enabling projects and contracts to be accessed and shared both by members of your own organization and by external personnel. That way, you will be able to improve communication and the way you present your work, sharing ideas and recommendations to improve contracts and projects. With Estimation in Cloud, you will be able to read large files without needing to worry about how to share them and without investing time and money in training programs.

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