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State of BIM Adoption and Outlook in India

This research report by RICS School of Built Environment, Amity University and KPMG in India presents findings from research conducted in 2013–14 about how real estate and infrastructure developers, architects, engineers and contractors in India are adopting, implementing and deriving value from BIM ...

ArchiCAD 18

This product review takes a detailed look at the new version of Graphisoft’s popular BIM application, ArchiCAD, which includes a brand new rendering engine, multi-element editing, automated revision management, improved handling of PDF files, expanded IFC capabilities for better interoperability, and ...

Capturing Expert Knowledge in Design Coordination to Train Novice Designers

This Viewpoint article by Dr. Fernanda Leite of UT Austin describes the design coordination research of her group which is focused on investigating how to capture the tacit experiential knowledge of veteran practitioners in design coordination to train novice designers more effectively. It addresses ...

Extending BIM to Infrastructure

Now that BIM has conquered the building industry and is here to stay, this article explores the application of the same "information modeling" concept to infrastructure, where all the individual components making up a city's infrastructure are represented by intelligent data-rich 3D models that carry ...

AECbytes Magazine


AECbytes is excited to announce the launch of its print edition!


Based on the response to a survey that was recently conducted among AECbytes readers to gauge interest in this, AECbytes is moving ahead with a quarterly print version. It is laid out in magazine format, and is available for printing-on-demand, as well as digitally as a downloadable PDF or viewable on an iPad, through the Magcloud service. The inaugural issue available now, Q1 2014, covers all the articles published in AECbytes from Jan to March 2014.


For more information on how to access the magazine, please visit the Magazine page.